Now you can focus more attention and resources on improving student outcomes

K-12 School Administrators look to STEP CG’s MIBS expertise as an extension of their Districts capability – not as a replacement – to maximize the effectiveness of today’s “electronic classrooms.”

From Managed WiFi Router to Managed WLAN and Managed LAN, STEP CG’s knowledgeable engineers bring a unique set of “IT Power Tools” to maintain security while improving operational up-time without adding the significant cost of enterprise-level hardware and software.

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STEP CG is here to help your limited IT staff keep
the networks operating at their peak.


Managed Devices






Years Running



Manages the provisioning, configuration, change management, and monitoring of the hardware for K-12 schools.

  • User Identification
  • Snappy WiFi Logins
  • Client Visibility & Analytics
  • Advanced, Yet Simple Policy Access
  • Fewer SSIDs

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Operates, manages, and monitors all of the internal connection components.

  • Better wireless all the way to the RF
  • All the benefits of Managed Router along with managing your WLAN.
  • Wireless RF & config best practices
  • Improved density & scalability
  • Bring your own WLAN to the service.*

We support many WLAN solutions, but not all.

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Operate, manage, and monitor your internal connection components to meet the needs of those who teach and learn.

  • A Dashboard for you and your IT Staff
  • Intuitive Network utility graphs, charts, analytics, monitoring & alerting
  • Integration with school district Microsoft Active Directory (for Staff & Student authentication)
  • Design & Configuration audit
  • All the approved features of our Dashboard service for your core & edge LAN
  • Best-practices to serve you
  • Free up your in-house IT personnel
  • Secure data services to every corner of your campus

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Make Use of the MIBS Category of E-rate Eligible Services 

E-rate funds cover the expenses (or portions of expenses) that directly support and are necessary for the broadband connectivity within your schools and libraries.

STEP CG’s E-rate-eligible K-12 MIBS solutions are ideal for school districts with limited IT resources or expertise.  We design each solution to help you reach your goal of enriching the minds of the students entrusting you with their future. Shaping and strengthening their minds is a responsibility you don’t take lightly, and that’s why we treat your technology as if it were our own. 

You can trust STEP CG with the flawless operation, management, and monitoring of all your internal connections components.