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Did you know that there were over 7,000 breaches reported in 2019? By the end of the year, an estimated 15.1 billion records were exposed, a new worst year on record, according to a data breach report published by RiskBase Security. If you weren't thinking of securing your data, network, and storage in the past, it's getting harder and harder to ignore it now. We understand how stressful and overwhelming it is to navigate the rough waters of protecting your company on every corner of the internet. That's why the STEP CG team completely takes the pressures of cybersecurity off of your plate.

STEP CG's managed security services are designed to keep your end-user devices, servers, and data (at rest or in transit) protected online and in the workplace. We offer multiple technology solutions that integrate to deliver the 360° defense your organization needs to keep hackers at bay. From securing your network to developing and deploying business continuity plans and physical IT security, STEP CG is on the frontline of your biggest security battles.


With Our Managed Security Services, Your Business Gets:

  • Multi-Layered Protection
  • Ensured Business Continuity
  • Controlled Access
  • Protected Data
  • Rapid Incident Response
  • Access to Cybersecurity Experts


IT Physical Security

Cybersecurity is a hot topic these days, but you can’t overlook the physical security of your hardware and personal devices. We’ll help you implement IT physical security best practices.

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Network & Cloud Security

Whether it’s your network or the data you store in the cloud, you don’t want cybercriminals to get their hands on any of your critical assets. Our network and cloud security services ensure there’s no easy way in for them.

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Business Continuity

Whether it’s a disaster of the same caliber of the COVID-19 pandemic, a data breach or simple human error, do you have a plan in place for your business to continue operations? We’ll work with you to create a business continuity plan so that you can outlast any storm.

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