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We Bring Your Road Map To Life...

STEP CG solutions are optimized for business efficiency and agility, allowing our customers to realize real returns on investment while focusing on their core business.  We execute against your road map and ensure that your environment is secure, agile and resilient.

Our team combines highly certified engineering, proven real-world expertise and a broad range of technology partners to put together a comprehensive plan and strategy for your particular needs.  From clinical applications to data center to cloud (private, public and hybrid solutions), we understand the challenges you are faced with and provide support for every step of your growing network.  




Network Engine
VPN As A Service
Site Survey
Executive Kit
Network Engine

The Network Engine automation completely revolutionizes network administration and end-user experience.  Customize the look and feel of your network while taking network automation to the next level providing private networks for individual rooms and/or users.  Give your users and the business live analytics of everything touching or passing through your network.  


Dashboard is a tool designed for engineers by engineers delivering the information you need about your network in real time.  Dashboard provides customized performance monitoring, correlation, management, analytics and reporting in a virtual appliance that is easy use.

VPN As A Service

With the most advanced tools that the industry has to offer, we do our best to get you the opportunity to take advantage of a centrally managed WAN and make it perform automatically. Anytime you have multiple branches and you need to pull branches back to a data center for applications, you do not have to create it.  We make it happen for you.

Site Survey

Take the work of your guests out by knowing what the level of service is for all major carriers at all your remote sites.  We can provide a site survey for you to have a report for what services provides the most for you and your guests.

Executive Kit

Be connected to your corporate network any where, any time and any place.


Relax, focus on your business and let us focus on your network.  We will manage your network for you. We will service the layer 2 and 3 engineering for your wired and wireless infrastructure.

Detailed information on each STEP CG Solution coming soon... Please contact us for a prompt response with more information.

Additional Services


Mitigate and manage security risks for large public and private organizations.


Real time notifications and the support of our network operations center.


24/7 care of your network with customized alerting and a network operations center providing immediate responses to any hiccups in your network.


A full network analysis with performance reports and bandwidth readiness to determine applications and solution needs.


The technology infrastructure customized by engineers for what your company needs.


Fill the gaps in your network with security, prevention and application enforcement.


The knowledge base of our elite engineers is shared with customers for immediate access to network solutions.