Fueled by RG Nets – driven by need.

What used to take hours (or even days) with other gear can now be accomplished in just a few clicks. We can build a completely customized world to identify your users and tailor the experience to their specific needs..


The automation behind STEP CG’s Network Engine completely revolutionizes network administration as well as the end-user experience. Now you can customize the look and feel of your network while taking automation to the next level.

STEP CG’s Network Engine provides private networks for individual rooms and/or users while delivering live analytics of everything touching or passing through your network.

In a matter of seconds, STEP CG can create a thousand new guest networks to hyper-segment the guests from each other.

STEP CG’s Network Engine simply provides the best user experience and most secure option you can have – with usable data collection as well.



Built out of necessity – for simplicity.

STEP CG’s Dashboard provides real-time insight into your network’s performance, empowering your IT staff to proactively monitor and identify issues before they impact your District or business.

By offering a single “pane of glass” view, we can geographically show every location in the District and send alerts if something goes down.

Our Dashboard enables you to simply click on any location to see the ID’s of each item and immediately identify the issue. With all information embedded into our Dashboard software, it can be customized to grow as the District adds new features, appliances, or facilities.

STEP CG’s Dashboard puts an end to dealing with antiquated equipment issues and consistent outages that can take a toll on your District’s reputation.

Now you can enjoy a huge ROI savings in time and people hours just in the diagnosis of issues alone. Our software is as user-friendly, as it is robust.


Made for engineers – built by engineers.

Knowledge is a valuable STEP CG asset. And the more information that is shared the less time is spent repeating a mistake or reinventing the wheel when challenged with solving an issue.  To help boost productivity and facilitate faster, more informed decisions STEP CG created a customer-facing Wiki.

When it comes to expert guidance and collaboration, our in-house STEP CG Wiki provides your IT staff 24/7/365 assistance on just about every engineering topic imaginable. From getting a handle on your network to understanding more about what you have – if it’s happened before, it’s probably covered in a Wiki entry.

For under trained and overworked or understaffed IT staff, this interactive forum is a trouble-shooting goldmine of usable and actionable information.

Think of it as a collective brain, allowing you to tap into STEP CG’s vast engineering knowledge in one place so you can collaborate without the chaos of files and folders, context switching, or silos.

STEP CG’s army of engineers are in your corner – the Wiki provides access to our knowledge and wisdom that you lean on to help you solve things.