The Brightest Minds and Expertise in Your Corner

STEP CG is a true partner that brings best practice design & configuration to the table along with a group of experienced engineers dedicated to LAN, WLAN, & the OSI model with full access to our ticketing system for visibility into any and all issues.

If there are humans involved and electrical current running through the widgets, chances are, thing will break from time-to-time. 

The good news is that STEP CG is here with full support as your trustworthy Network Administrator to diagnose and prescribe the proper fix, as needed.


Services & Support

  • Full access to
  • Monday - Friday from 8am - 5pm EST/EDT support
  • 24x7 automatic monitoring and alerting from Dashboard
  • SLA for Annual Managed LAN/WLAN (MIBS) service available
  • Highly skilled and technical personnel available: or 844-4-STEP CG