With more and more resources running across them, the wireless networks in office buildings and K-12 schools are getting "heavy.”  Administrators and students are becoming more frustrated with slow WiFi and dropped connections. And often, the last thing a limited IT staff needs is the added challenge of learning a special expertise to keep the networks operational at their peak.

By making use of the MIBS category of E-rate Eligible Services List, STEP CG operates, manages, and monitors all of the internal connection components. We provide the IP, Ethernet and networking knowledge and expertise, and use the existing WLAN hardware and software for:

  • Better wireless all the way to the RF
  • All the benefits of Managed Router along with managing your WLAN.
  • Wireless RF & config best practices
  • Improved density & scalability
  • Bring your own WLAN to the service.*

We support many WLAN solutions, but not all.

Now it’s possible to maintain security and enhance client visibility without adding the big incremental costs of enterprise-level hardware and software. 

STEP CG delivers fast, secure wireless access across your district. By using WiFi, employees, students, and guests are no longer tethered to network cables and cords, so they can connect virtually – anywhere within your network’s radius.


WLAN Benefits

  • E-rate eligible under MIBS category of USF
  • A unified captive portal branded for schools/offices
  • Integration with school district Microsoft
  • Active Directory for staff & student authentication
  • All the approved features of our Network Engine for your Wi-Fi
  • Enterprise-Grade internet connectivity
  • Allows students and employees the freedom to move
  • Free up your in-house IT Personnel
The STEP CG WLAN Advantage

With all of the technical configuration & troubleshooting of your WLAN from OSIlayer 1 – 7 handled by STEP CG, you can enjoy peace of mind. In fact, we’ll also provide the services and solutions that enhance the authentication, authorization, and accounting of your WLAN. And we’ll use our own tools to make sure the RF is right at OSI layer 1, (or identify client usage and identification at OSI layer 7). We’ll even make it easy for you to set up limited guest access to give customers and visitors secure access to the Internet.