STEP CG provides a smart network solution for smart K-12 schools. Teachers want their classes to be able to collaborate with others across the globe. Administrators need to communicate emergency notifications from anywhere. And students want to stay connected everywhere.

By utilizing the MIBS category of the E-rate Eligible Services List, STEP CG can operate, manage, & monitor your internal connection components to meet the needs of those who teach and learn so you can:

  • Get to Internet Superhighway today.
  • Enjoy visibility into the rhythm of your network.
  • Complete the tasks engineers are charged with, but rarely have time for

We provide the IP, Ethernet and networking knowledge and expertise and handle the technical configuration and troubleshooting of your core and edge LAN from OSI layer 1 through 7. 


MIBS LAN Benefits:

  • A Dashboard for you and your IT Staff
  • Intuitive Network utility graphs, charts, analytics, monitoring & alerting
  • Integration with school district Microsoft Active Directory (for Staff & Student authentication)
  • Design & Configuration audit
  • All the approved features of our Dashboard service for your core & edge LAN
  • Best-practices to serve you
  • Free up your in-house IT personnel
  • Secure data services to every corner of your campus
The STEP CG MIBS LAN Advantage

We provide the services and solution to enhance the core routing and edge switching for all your users, clients, and applications. And for added peace of mind, STEP CG uses all of our own tools to make sure the Ethernet errors are non-existent at OSI layer 2, (or identify routing issues at OSI layer 3, as needed).