Get Started Now and Fine-Tune Your Districts’ Network into an Optimized Utility

STEP CG K-12 Managed Network Service is an E-rate eligible managed internal broadband service (MIBS) solution ideal for school districts with limited IT resources or expertise has simple K-12 E-rate eligible solutions for the management and operation of your districts’ LAN/WLAN, including:

  • STEP CG Dashboard to provide real-time insight into your network’s performance. Empowering your IT staff to proactively monitor and identify issues before they impact your organization.
  • A proper redesign and rebuild of your existing network(s) to deliver a resilient, optimized networking infrastructure.
  • Enhanced network security by design and with our comprehensive, in-depth STEP CG configuration audit, secure device configuration.
  • A “Get Healthy” service to update existing devices, operating systems, configurations, and groups to the latest security patches/updates.
  • Intuitive graphs, device analytics, syslog, and configuration files to reveal network bottlenecks, speed degradation, configuration conflicts, and other network issues.
  • Highly skilled and diverse technical and support services utilizing various tools in collaboration with customer IT staff.

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