Case Story - Kentucky Connection

A city in Madison County, Kentucky is the home to art festivals, historic restaurants and buildings, and a private, liberal arts college.  The connectivity between many of its city and college buildings is the least of anyone’s worries.  Unless, of course, if you happen to be the one responsible for making certain those connections remain working.

One day, STEP CG received a call about a connection that was down between two locations in the city.  The original installation company had three failed attempts to get the connection back up and stable.  We were more than glad to help our southern neighbors.  STEP CG’s Expert Engineers were called to action!


2 experts are better than one

STEP CG had just two engineers jump in to resolve the connectivity issue.  Acting as a team, one on site and one using our diagnostic tool (DASHBOARD) to remote in, the issue was quickly identified and solved.  

"This was a classic situation where having the expertise, experience and tools really pays off," says Nelson Karrick, Engineer with STEP CG. "With the help of Kenny Huff we restored the connectivity quickly.  The client was very happy with the results and we were happy to establish what has become a great working relationship with the city."