Case Story - Department of Revenue

When you are the 4th largest state in the US working on behalf of 1.3 million children (collecting child support, processing 9 million tax filings and reviewing property tax for over 67 counties), you realize the importance of a supportive and secure network.  Moving away from traditional legacy routed networking to a more secure, adaptive and faster 802.1aq (fabric switching) environment was an obvious choice to make.  Then came the surprise...


This client houses 3 data centers. “Over the last 20 years doing vendor cutovers, they have never seen it accomplished by ONE engineer over ONE weekend," said Danny Poindexter with STEP CG.  "The client shared that this installation using one STEP CG engineer went smoother (and faster) than a previous company using 6 engineers!"  


Using a technology with a less complex and more secure core to configure than traditional legacy routed solutions was the answer for this engineer.  802.1aq (fabric switching) is a technology that every industry is looking to solve the costs and complexities of traditional routed networking, but it takes experienced and knowledgeable engineers to make the migration seamless to the client.  When a STEP CG engineer installs 802.1aq, they ALSO must be proficient in traditional routing protocols.  With STEP CG’s expertise, the cutover was a great success!  Therefore, we call our engineers THE EXPERTS.

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